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About Us

Founded in 2006, AKSİYAL MİMARLIK operates in Architectural and Interior Design projects, Static Project and Construction Applications. Since its foundation, the company has been implementing projects in areas such as residential, commercial buildings, industrial facilities and public buildings and has combined its dynamism with many professional experiences.
AKSİYAL ARCHITECTURE, as well as user-centered design concept, nature and environment compatibility, convertible economics and modern design principles in the foreground, by providing continuous improvement in all areas of service has adopted the basic principle.
The understanding of business follow-up in the project and application processes, the responsibility philosophy undertaken from the preliminary project to the turnkey delivery make the company indispensable in this field.
In the light of the numerous experiences in the field of Construction Applications, the company, which has the logistics and labor force that can meet all needs in almost all construction items, is one of the pioneers of the sector in the field of Application and Contracting.